This is usually less likely, unless it is a very small procedure done under local anaesthesia and we happen to have procedure room slot available. Pertinent to cosmetic surgery, Ministry of Health regulation states that there should at least be a one week cooling period following consultation for local patients. Furthermore, prior to surgery, you may need additional medical clearance, blood test and other examination if evaluated as necessary.

Yes. This is a suitable process particularly for out-of-town patients. We will be able to understand your concerns better and provide you with more information to enable you to make a better decision before making a trip down to Singapore.

For local patients, this is also possible, however an in-person consultation would ultimately be better.

The video consultation will not be recorded.

All video consultations will need to have a pre-payment prior to the consultation.

It is expected to have some pain after any surgery, however, at Argent we will provide adequate analgesia either in the form of oral analgesia, local anesthesia or patient controlled analgesia based on the type of surgery performed. There may also be supportive garments put on after surgery to aid with reduction of swelling and improvement of comfort.

Yes, it is possible to have more than one procedure done at the same time, taking into consideration the type of surgery and the post-operatively care that is required for each surgery. For more extensive surgery, they may need to be separated to ensure that there is maximal safety to you. Thus during the consultation, a customised plan and timeline will be created for you based on your anatomy and goals of what you are trying to achieve.

Undergoing reconstructive surgery maybe a daunting process, as you have to cope with the primary diagnosis and now another surgical procedure to manage the defect of that. If you feel more comfortable to have a close friend, family member or spouse accompany you as support, do bring them along. If you are coming alone, it is also alright, as during the consultation, Dr Lee Hanjing will always provide a written discussion of the procedures and this can be used as a rough guide of the consultation discussion.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal decision and some patients may wish to keep their decision discreet. Some patients may feel more comfortable to have a close friend or family member or spouse accompany them as a support. The choice is completely up to you. Always remember that you should never feel influenced by anyone when having cosmetic surgery, the decision needs to be one that is made by you and for you.

It would be ideal to bring along a copy of your full medical and surgical history, medications and supplements you are currently taking and also a list of questions you have. This will allow us  to better understand you and assess your concerns and goals and to advise you more accurately about the surgery.

Yes. Because Dr Lee Hanjing performs the consultations herself, and the consultation is one of the most important steps in the entire process. This is when she would take time to understand your specific concerns and goals of the surgery. This will be followed by a detailed examination before coming up with a customised surgical plan. Dr Lee Hanjing will also describe the details of the procedure to you in detail and would ensure that all your queries are clearly answered.